Charles C. Miller, 6 October 1862

September [6 October 1862]

Dear parents,

Having a few leisure moments, I take my pen in hand and will write a few lines to let you know that I am well yet and I hope you all are the same. We left Frederick City Sunday afternoon for Sandy Hook one mile east of Harpers Ferry. Today I went upon a high hill where I had a view of General McClellan’s camp and part of Burnside’s and I seen some of the largest cannons that I ever seen.

The 108th [New York] Regiment is in camp about two miles from us but they are on the other side of the river at Balls Bluff. Today the news came in that the rebels was a going to raise a blag flag as a signal that they would kill every yankee that they can catch but they have got to look out how they talk. They expect another battle before long and the 108th think that they will have to fight again. Whether the 140th will have to go, I can not tell but if they do, they will do what they can to whip them out.

Dear mother, I hope you do not fret yourself about me because I am not home.

September [October] 7, today they say that we have march again across the river to camp there for awhile. Where we are now is about three miles from the rebel lines & about 8 miles from the army. Yesterday the 6th New York Cavalry was out scouting about two miles from us trying to drive the rebels scouts in but did not succeed. They killed one man on our side. We killed 10 & wounded 12 of them. I must stop writing now as I must go on guard today. Write as soon as you can. Fred is well.

— C. C. Miller

Sandy Hook


C. C. Miller, Washington D. C.
Co. D, 140th Regt., N. Y. S. V.