1862: Eugene Augustus Albee to Obadiah Wheelock Albee

These two letters were written by Eugene Augustus Albee (1837-1893), the son of Obadiah Wheelock Albee (1808-1866) and Margaret Ann Chipman (1809-1894) of Marlborough, Middlesex county, Massachusetts. Eugene was a graduate of Comer’s Commercial College in 1858. He was a shoemaker by trade prior to his enlistment in July 1861 when he joined Co. I, 13th Massachusetts Infantry. He was promoted to corporal in October 1861 and received a commission as 1st Lieutenant in Co. K, 40th Massachusetts Infantry in October 1862. He mustered out of the service in April 1864 as Captain of his company.

After the Civil War, Albee took a position as paymaster in the regular army (Dept. of Florida) and given the rank of Major. He was married in 1867 to a woman named Sarah who had been preciously married to J. C. Rowe. Eugene and Sarah were divorced in 1873 and she subsequently married James Tilby of Philadelphia. He death and the settlement of his will brought into question whether Sarah had ever officially divorced her first husband. Oh my.

A curious note from 1884: “New York, Nov. 28.—Among the passengers on the Celtic, which arrived Saturday, was Maj. Eugene A. Albee of Boston, formerly of Florida, who has been exploring gold mines in the centre of Africa during the past year.”

Addressed to Hon. W. Albee, Marlborough, Massachusetts


Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 10.10.09 PM
King Street Hospital in Alexandria

Alexandria, Va.
July 3, 1862


I have something to write about that I do not feel pleased with. You know that I expected, and the others working in the hospital expected to get paid for their work, but we were disappointed, for all the men in the army or those working in the hospital are mustered in at the end of every month, and the months for mustering in are last of June and the last of August and so on throughout the year. I should have written every two months for mustering. There were but five mustered from this hospital for the work done here, but it does no good to say anything about it so I shall keep still.

Davis does not think much of such work and I can tell you the boys that have laid out $800 or $1,000 for clothes to wear in the hospital feel disappointed more than I do for I have not laid out any money except for things I was in need of so that it does not come so hard on me although I was thinking of the pleasure I should have in sending mother some of the money. The money that is to come by the allotment roll, I think you had better take to pay the girl.

From your son, — Eugene

–Alexandria General Hospital, No. 44 King Street, Alexandria, Va.

Is Charles Brigham ¹ at home? Will you send me the recommendations of those men if you can get them for it has been 8 days since I got his letter and I cannot see him till I get them.

¹ Charles L. Brigham was also from Marlboro, Massachusetts. He was a shoemaker before the war. He entered Co. F, 13th Massachusetts in July 1861 and mustered out om 19 May 1862.


Alexandria, Virginia
July 5 [1862]


John R. was down to the hospital today and he told me he was detailed for an orderly to Dr. some one. I do not know whom but I think it is the one in charge of the Washington Street Hospital. He is looking very well and I think he is doing well as long as he can stay in the hospital. He told me he had a letter from his brother Henry and you had got home. I see by the papers that Mass. has to raise about 20,000 men as her quota. I think she will draft, what do you think? I sent you 4 blankets and one pair of gloves and one canteen and a haversack that were given to me. Have you got them? I have 2 rubber blankets and I expect to have a [   ] and R in a few days for one of the men here expects his discharge and he said I could have them if he got his discharge. This morning I had two overcoats given to me better than the one that I sent home if you think it worth while to send them. I will forward the by Adams Express. The Rubber would do for wet weather.

Have you got a letter from me with a letter of Hon. C. R. Trains in it. I suppose you have for all letters should go through.

Eugene A. Albee
General Hospital
No. 44 King Street, Alexandria, Va.



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