Charles C. Miller, 22 November 1864

Camp of the 140th Regt. N. Y. V.
Near Petersburg, Va.
November 22, 1864

Sister Alice,

Having a few leisure moments this afternoon, I have seated myself once more to pen you a few lines hoping they may find you enjoying the great blessing “health.” I have long been waiting to receive a letter from you but none has arrived up to this date though I am in hopes tonight’s mail will bring me some glad tidings from any of your pens.

This leaves me in my usual health & spirits—also the most of the boys in the regiment. I should of write you ere this had it not been so inconvenient & besides, I have not been in writing humor. I have a number of letters on hand which I should reply to but the very thing that detains me is negligence. I have an idea you girls think a soldier has plenty of time to write. If he should neglect replying to everyone, you blame him shamefully just on that account. I tell you a soldier has hardly enough tome to gather the fuel which he burns.

The weather here has been very disagreeable for the past 94 hours having continually [rained] nearly all the time. It is so muddy that it is almost impossible for one to go to & from the woods to get wood to burn. Mud is nearly 14 inches deep & in most places a great deal more. The boys in our tent has been out once or twice after fuel but did not get much. However, we have enough to last until tomorrow noon. We anticipated to move before the rain set in but now it is an improbability to move artillery or even empty wagons. A train of cars has just past by our camp up the line to the left.

I suppose you will be looking for me home on a furlough this winter. It may be that I will put in for one & it is all owing to whether Col. [Elwell Stephen] Otis arrives here in time. I would like very much to see you at the same time I am not going to much trouble “I’ll bet.” If Col. Otis is at home, tell Father to speak to him for me & when Col. Otis arrives, I will speak to him. I have an idea I will take a trip to City Point some time this week to get some photographs taken. Probably some of you would like one. But remember you never mentioned anything to me about having one taken from the one I sent you while in Washington. Please send me a diary for 1865 next month. I want one with a whole day’s account on one page. Send a good one.

Accept from your loving brother, — C. C. Miller