Charles C. Miller, 10 December 1862

Camp near Fredericksburg, Va.
December 10th 1862

Dear Parents,

I received your welcome letter of November the 30th on Monday, December 4th, and one dated October 24th the same time, and the money. I was very glad to hear that you were all well and hope with all my heart that these few lines may find you all well again. I am still well and Fred is a getting better. The boys from Gates are all pretty well.

We are in camp near Falmouth & Fredericksburg is across the river Rappahannock. Last Friday it snowed all day and most all night and it is still on the ground but not as much as it has thawed some and made it very muddy but today it is pretty warm and I think that the snow will go very fast and if it does, it will be very muddy.

Today they are a giving the boys 60 rounds of cartridges each as tomorrow they say we have to move again but they do not know where but think into winter quarters. That is the reason that we have to get those cartridges for as every man has to have sixty rounds when they encamp for the winter. I think that it is about time that they did move again as we have not got much more wood to burn. If the war lasts two years longer, there won’t be woods left for to make rail fences as we burn all that we can find when we stop.

Sunday we had 7 ounces of potatoes for each man. But I must bring my letter to a close for this time as I have got to answer some more letters so goodbye. I send my love to you all. write as soon as you can. From your true and obedient son, — Charles C. Miller

P. S. There is nothing that I want as I know of—only that I would like to have you send postage stamps enough. I received 9 in the letter that you wrote. Send them likenesses when they are done. I want that likeness in a frame for her.