Albert Brown, 28 October 1864

Fort Wadsworth, Va.
October 28, 1864

Dear Aunt,

I have just received your letter and was very glad to hear from you and as I have nothing else in particular to do at present, I will improve the time in answering it.

We are still in Fort Wadsworth and having a pretty easy time of it—that is, easy compared to marching and fighting. Our regiment is the only one in the fort at present. The rest of the brigade are encamped along by the works at the right of the fort. The weather here is getting to be pretty cold—especially in the night—and some of the troops are fixing up their quarters for winter. It may be that we will stop here this winter but I think it is hardly probable. I am in hopes that we will not have to do much more fighting and I think that things begin to look rather encouraging.

Sheridan has got the Rebs nearly cleaned out in the Valley and Grant has them nearly surrounded here and in fact, our folks seem to be victorious in every engagement lately. I don’t think we will have to hot them a great many more kicks before they will be obliged to succumb. What do you think about it?

I haven’t found that fellow yet and to tell the truth, I haven’t tried very hard as I have had about as much as I could attend to besides. If we do not have to move again soon, I think I shall try and hunt him up. I have got that picture of Abbie’s which I brought out here with me and I will let him see that if I run across him. I don’t think she can get one that will look any better than that. Still I would like to have another to see if she has changed any. There is no chance to have my picture taken here or I would send mine to you. If we stop here any length of time, there will likely to be a chance.

My health is very good at present. I don’t know whether I can get a furlough this winter or not yet. There is to be none granted at present, I believe. Give my love to all the folks and accept a good share yourself. Write as often as convenient. From your nephew, — Albert C. Brown

Co. C, 16th Me. Vols, Washington D. C.