Charles C. Miller, 30 April 1865

Camp of the 140th N. Y. Vols.
Near Nottoway Station, Va.
April 30, 1865

Dear Sister,

By the aid of this poor pen I will try & reply to yours of the 23rd to the best of my ability (which at the best is poor). Yours duly arrived at its destination this a. m. and its contents were read with much pleasure. Glad to learn by its pages you were yet enjoying good health & fine spirits.

This is Sunday eve & as we are a going to move in the morning, I have not much time to write. In what direction we are bound, I know not but my idea is that it will be in the direction of City Point. But I may be greatly mistaken. Anyhow we are a going in the direction of home though we may be by way of Harper’s Ferry & by the over land route.

I have been up in the Village of Nottoway twice today for papers but the news room was not open at either time. The said little village is on a hill. The country around it is beautiful.

Divine Service has been held in all the churches in the Village today but I did not attend as I did not feel like going to any place of worship. But hope ere long to join once more with the Christian people in the little town of Gates.

I have just returned from the Brigade Commissary & I have found out that we are bound for Manchester—a distance of about 50 miles from this place. Have drawn 3 days rations this eve.

A number of copious showers have visited this section of the country within the last 24 hours. The weather is very warm. Peach trees are loaded with green fruit & in fact all of the trees have more than they can hold.

Adieu for this time. Give my compliments to Miss Rowe & all inquiring friends. From brother, — Chas. Miller