Albert Brown, 15 December 1864

Headquarters 2d Brigade 3rd Division, 5th Army Corps
December 15th 1864

Dear Aunt,

Your letter of the eighth arrived safe to hand a few mornings since and I was very glad to hear from you as usual.

Since my last letter to you we have been moving about considerable as you have probably seen by the papers. Our Corps, a division of the second, went on a raid down the Weldon Railroad and were gone just a week. Part of the guards went with the troops and the remainder of which I was one, remained back with the teams. One young fellow from our place who came out with me was captured by the guerrillas and probably killed. We are encamped now about two miles from Fort Wadsworth and there is some talk that we are going to put up winter quarters here but I can’t say how that will be. My duty here is not very hard and I like the place very well. They are not granting any furloughs at present so there is no chance for me to get one now. I want to see you all very much and I hope you will see me riding into town on board the cars one of these days and I don’t think you would be any more pleased than myself.

Our regiment had been at work about three weeks on their quarters and had got them nearly done when they had to go away and leave them. As a general thing the troops have to build winter quarters two or three times in the fall before they get settled down for the winter. We are not sure of stopping anywhere until the roads become so bad that it is impossible to move. My health continues to be very good. I have not heard from the folks since I wrote to you last. Give my love to all the folks and accept a good share yourself.

From your nephew, — Albert C. Brown