1863: John Sowers to Henry Sowers

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John Hart of the 14th P. V.  wears the standard frock coat of a Union infantryman.

This letter was written by John Sowers, who enlisted in August 1861 in Co. N, 28th (“Goldstream” Regiment) Pennsylvania Infantry. The extra companies in this regiment, including Co. N, were transferred into 147th Pennsylvania Infantry when it was organized in October 1862. John Sowers entered Co. C of the 147th P. V. as a private but was later promoted to corporal. The regiment participated in the Battles of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg before fighting in Tennessee at the Battle of Lookout Mountain and during the Chattanooga-Ringold Campaign. The 147th also participated in the Atlanta Campaign advancing through Northwest Georgia during June and July 1864. Sowers was wounded at Pine Knob, Georgia on 15 June 1864. He died from his wounds in Nashville on 6 July 1864 and was buried in the National Cemetery there (Section I, Grave 367) under the name John Sower.

John was the son of Henry Sowers (1797-@1875) and Sophia Reicheldeofer (1806-Aft1851) of Carbon county, Pennsylvania. John had an older brother who also gave his life in the Civil War. Penrose Sowers (1831-1864) served in Co. K, 81st Pennsylvania Infantry, the “Fighting Chippewas.” He was killed on 12 May 1864 at the Battle of Spotsylvania.

[Note: The header image is a northern view of the Brandy Station Railroad Depot in April 1864. Fleetwood Hill is visible on the horizon at left center.] 



[Late summer 1863]
Brandy Station
Orange & Alexandria Railroad

Dear Father,

Your most welcome letter just came to hand. Glad to see that you are all well. I am well.

We are on a march now waiting for the cars to take us to Alexandria. I think we are going to reinforce Rosecrans in Georgia, so reported. But a day or two will show. Our wagons and everything was turned out this morning & we are going to leave Old Virginia & where we will go is hard to tell but any place will do for we are all getting tired of this State. It is about 800 miles from here so we will find some warm weather down there & hard fighting, I think. The boys is all glad to move from here. Been in Virginia so long.

You want to know what I think about this war. I think it is getting pretty well payed out. Will take some hard fighting yet to do it for they are bound to stand as long as they can. I have no more to write now but will write soon again. Write soon.

Yours forever, your son, — John Sowers

Direct as before

John Sowers
Comp. C, 147th Regt. P. V.
1st Brig. 2nd Div. 12th Army Corps
Washington D. C.

P. S. Give my regards to Cramer & family. I may be home to you next turkey roast. Your son, — John

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