Albert Brown, 2 December 1864

Fort Wadsworth
December 2d 1864

Dear Aunt [Mary Brown],

I received your letter of November 25th a few days since and was very glad to hear from you. You need not be afraid of bothering me by writing too often for nothing would suit me better than to hear from you everyday. I got a letter from Frank this morning. He and Edwin are both well and getting along after the same old sort. He sent me his picture and it is a very good one too. I think by his talk he sent you one also. As soon as there is a chance to have some taken, I will send you my picture, but you must expect to see a rough, sunburnt, weather-beaten visage—not much like my brother Frank’s.

Our regiment are putting up their winter quarters as fast as possible. They are building them outside of the fort on account of not being sufficient room in the fort. I am at Brigade Headquarters now. Have been detailed as headquarters guard. It is a pretty good chance. I reported here yesterday noon and can’t tell very well how I shall like it yet, but I think I shall like well. The duty is very light compared with the duty in the regiment and as long as I am here, I shall not be obliged. to go into a fight. I will give you a better description of what I shall have to do here after I find out myself.

I received a letter from Albion with yours. The folks at home are as well as usual. My health is very good. I don’t know as I have anything more to write this time excepting that you need not be particular about spending paper and stamps for answering your letters for  there is a good chance to get them here now. Give my love and best wishes to all the folks and accept a good share yourself. Write often.

From your nephew, — Albert C. Brown