Charles C. Miller, 16 November 1862

Camp near Warrenton, Va.
November 16, 1862

Dear Parents,

I again take my pencil in hand and will try to write a few lines to you to let you know that I am still well and I hope that these few lines may find you all the same.

We are still in camp where we was when I last wrote to you after our long march. But tomorrow I think that we will have to move again and if so, it may be on to Culpeper, and probably on to Richmond. We are under General Hooker’s command as General McClellan and Porter has resigned and Burnside has taken command of the Army of the Potomac.

As I can’t think of nothing more to write about, I suppose that I must stop writing after I have told you these few words. Kirt has got the typhoid fever and they do not think that he will get well and he may be dead now. Shedrick [Jackson] was over there yesterday and he said that he looked very bad and they thought that he would not live long. You can tell the folks that he knows. Martin has got a bad cold and does not feel very well. You can tell Mr. Cline.

We have not had our mail this two weeks. The last that I had was from Julia Rowe. The boys are all anxious to get some letters to hear from home and so be I.

I suppose that Margaret is well and tell her to write. I don’t know when I can write again as I have not got any postage stamps but I hope you will send some. But I must stop waiting for this time as I have got to go on guard at 6 o’clock so goodbye for this time from your son, — C. C. Miller

N. B. I would like to have you get another large likeness taken if you can and give it to Julia Rowe as I promised her one. You can let Alice give it to her or Annie Donalson just as you please. And you can get some of the small ones taken too and give to the folks that have not had any and send two of them to me in a letter. Get them in my Sunday clothes.

— Charles C. Miller