Charles C. Miller, 23 March 1863

Camp near Falmouth, Va.
March 23rd 1863

Dear Parents,

I received your welcome letter on the 20th of this month and I was glad to hear from you again and learn that you was all well in health. I am still well and all the rest of us. I received a letter last night from Aunt Mary. It came in a letter that Fred received. There was two dollars in it which I got. I got that package of paper and envelopes.

The weather today looks like rain. This morning there was a detail of 10 men out of each company for picket duty. There is not much news of any importance. [paper crease makes writing illegible] The other day they gave us battle at Culpeper Court House but after nearly two hours heavy firing, our troops drove them back down at Fredericksburg. On the rebel side, they have niggers doing picket duty among the white soldiers. They have the same uniforms as the other soldiers. Our pickets and their are only 160 yards apart.

Our boys has got their camp all fixed up with evergreen trees and over the streets at each end they have wreaths in the form of a bow from one side to the other. Today they are drawing clothes for those that want it. I don’t know anything else to write about and want to mail it today so I will bring my letter to a close for this time hoping that you will write as soon as you get this letter and oblige your son,

— C. C. Miller

P. S. Please to send me that diary book that I sent for and some postage stamps and let me know whether you sent them things by that man.