Albert Brown, 28 February 1865

Camp of the 16th Maine Volunteers
February 28, 1865

Dear Aunt [Mary Brown],

I received your letter of the 23rd yesterday morning together with the papers and a letter from Albion. I did not get Frank’s letter until this morning. I am very busy making out the pay rolls for the last two months so you must excuse a short answer to your letter and I will try and make it up some other time. We were paid off a few days ago for four months. I believe I shall not send home any pay this time for if we are not paid again for six or eight months, I shall need it.

I suppose Frank will be likely to be in Manchester before you get this. He is a little too quick tempered, I think, for his own good but I don’t know but he will come out alright. He don’t allow anyone to be any better than he is.

I answered Aunt Patience’s letter a short time ago. Did she get the answer? I think that I get all the papers you send and I am very much obliged to you for them. We are having considerable rainy weather here at present. It is probably the same up your way. My health is very good. Give my love to all the folks and accept a good share yourself.

Please accept this poor apology for an answer to your letter and write again. Your affectionate nephew, — Albert C. Brown

Direct in future to Albert C. Brown, Co. C, 16th Regt. Me. Vols., Washington D. C.