Albert Brown, 29 December 1864

Headquarters 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 4th Division A. C.
December 29th 1864

Dear Aunt,

I received your letter this morning and was very glad to hear from you and as you are very punctual in answering my letters I will be the same in answering yours although I haven’t much news to write. We are putting up our winter quarters again about three miles to the rear of Fort Wadsworth and are in a pretty good place if we don’t have to move again this winter. I have got into my log house and we manage to keep very comfortable. I have three tent mates. We haven’t had any snow here yet to speak of but there has been some very cold days and considerable rain lately.

I believe you wanted me to tell you what my duties are here. I have to stand guard two hours two nights out of three and assist about cutting the wood and keeping the camping ground in order. The duty is quite easy and I like very well. I think it doubtful if I get a furlough this winter. I believe the three years drafted men are to be discharged with the regiments to which they belong and my regiments time is out next August just two years from the time that I was drafted. I should like to go home this winter but I don’t think that I can get a furlough.

I received a letter from Edwin a few days ago. He had a bad cold at the time he wrote the letter and was quite sick and was not at work. Frank’s health was good.

I am enjoying very good health. Give my love to all the folks and accept a good share yourself. Write often.

From your nephew, — Albert C. Brown