Charles C. Miller, 18 March 1863

Camp near Falmouth, Va.
March 18th 1863

Dear Parents,

I received your welcome letter last Friday and was very glad to hear from you and to learn that you was still well and I hope with all my heart that these few lines may find you all well and in good health. This three days back I have been as well as ever, and today I feel a good deal better than usual. The weather today is quite cold but for a few days back it has been quite warm.

Yesterday the regiment went out on target shooting again. Tuesday the 17th there was heavy firing at Culpeper Court House where the rebels gave us battle (it is twelve miles from our camp). And just now there has commenced heavy firing down in the direction of Aquia Creek Landing. Probably the rebels are trying to cross the river.

The other day there was 12,000 cavalry crossed the Rappahannock river above Falmouth supported by infantry and artillery. They got on the south side of the rebels and took them by surprise, and drove them into the river and took a good many of them prisoners.

The 13th they gave me another court martial but I think that they cannot make nothing out of it no more than they did before as it did not amount to much.

We have had two heavy thunder storms down here. We draw fresh bread every day now as our one bakery has started. It is very goof bread so we have bread and butter to eat. Butter is 50 cents a pound. We draw plenty of fresh meat and potatoes and tea.

I sent a few lines home by the man that lives across the road from our house. I wrote for several things to send back by him if he can bring them. I don’t know of nothing else to write about so I will bring my letter to a close for this time hoping that you will answer this letter as soon as you can and oblige your true and obedient son, — C. C. Miller

This ring is for Alice.

N. B. I would like to know in the next letter if you have sent that box yet or not. Send me some writing paper and envelopes and I would like another diary for 1863. Tell Milton to answer that letter that I wrote to him and oblige me. — C. C. M.