Charles C. Miller, 10 May 1863

Fort No. 2 near Aquia Landing
Sunday, April [May] 10, 1863

Dear Friends,

I received your kind and welcome letter on Friday the 8th and I was very glad to hear from you once more and learn that you was still well, and I hope that these few lines may find you all still the same and enjoying the pleasures of this world. I am still well as I was the last time that I wrote to you and I hope that I may continue well as long as I am in the army.

Today is a very warm day. I took a walk down to the wharf. We are still at Fort No. 2 at work on the boat for our army to retreat on if they should have to retreat from the place. We are still under the same captain of the First Maryland Battery. He is a very fine officer. I suppose that you have heard of the seven days fighting at Fredericksburg and how the cavalry made some very great dashes in the rebel lines. During the fight there was some of the terrible firing of artillery and siege guns that I ever heard. There was one day that we was awaken about half past three to be ready at five o’clock to go to Brooks Station to put up tents for the wounded soldiers which was done with willing hearts. We waited all day there and coming home to our place at night we could see the flash of the heavy guns on the hills at the city.

Along in the afternoon as we was at work, the train came in with a load of wounded—some of them shot in the hand and legs and with their arms broken and some of them shot through the top of the head.

We go down to the river and get fish for us. A dozen will make three or four meals. Last week we had one of the most terriblest hail storms that I ever saw. Some of them was as big as hens eggs.

There is regiment after regiment a going home as they have served their time out. As I know of nothing else to write about, I will bring my letter to a close for this time. From your true and affectionate son, — C. C. Miller

Please write as soon as you get this and send a little money if you please. I have not got the letter from Uncle Cyrus yet. Direct as before.