Charles C. Miller, 28 June 1864

Line of Battle before Petersburg, Va.
June 28th 1864

Dear Parents,

Having a few moments to spare, I thought I would spend them in writing a few lines to you informing you I am still enjoying good health & in fine spirits, [and] hoping this may find you all enjoying life the finest.

The weather is very pleasant today, it being cooler than for some time past. Last night it rained a little—not enough to make it muddy here as the land is very sandy & the surface will not hold water long. The pickets will keep up a continual fire—also the artillery at intervals. Sometimes they have a duel which lasts probably an half hour & then all is quiet. Last night the mortars were throwing shells all night, some of them bursting high in the air, making a beautiful sight to look upon. We expect to be attacked every evening but they have not up to now. The boys are all in good spirits and ready to meet the enemy at any moment. I rather think we can give them a good trial.

I have not much news to relate in this letter. I have one request to ask. Viz; have you seen anything about getting a picture taken from the one I sent home last winter? If not, I would like to have you see about it and forward it to me in your next, if possible. One will answer the purpose & some time I will tell you what was my object of having one taken from it.

How does father prosper with farming? I suppose everything looks flourishing, does it not? I suppose Alice will attend Sabbath School as well as the rest.

As it is nearly time for the mail to go, I will have to bring this to a close for this time hoping to hear from you again. Give my love to all my friends and tell them I would be very glad to hear from them once more. Please accept this from your loving son, — C. C. Miller