Albert J. Barnard, 8 June 1863

In the field in front of Port Hudson
June 8th 1863

Dear Lewie,

You will see by this that Port Hudson isn’t ours yet but we hope it soon will be. Great preparations are being made in the way of throwing up breastworks, digging rifle pits, and mounting heavy guns. The guns now are all in position and but little more needs to be done before we open on this rebel strong hold. Night before last our regiment worked all night making rifle pits and today we are ordered into them as support to a battery nearby. I have neither time nor paper to give you all the particulars, I will do this as soon as we are settled somewhere commencing back to the time wen we left Baton Rouge.

The nominations to fill all vacancies in our regiment have been sent in by John Higgins, Lt. Col., & Capt. Sizer, Major. General Augur made the nominations and send them to Major Love for approval. He says they ae senior officers according to the date of muster which he says is what determines an officer’s rank. We have always supposed it was the date of commission. It took all my ambition and every[thing] else in that line all out of me when I heard it, having been lead to suppose that I was senior Captain. Well, we must all expect trials and disappointents.

Charlie Wadsworth’s Father is a patient or friend of General Augur’s and is one of his pets and he and Dr. Hutchins went to see the General the day after the fight and I think represented that if left to vote in the regiment, these officers would have been chosen which is not so as Higgins is not a favorite though Sizer is. As Gen. Augur had appointed the officers to act and sent their names to Major Love, he did not object and perhaps they were his choice. Major Love is doing nicely. Gray is gaining fast and has been promoted. Takes Captain of Higgins’ company. I will write again soon and give you particulars when I get where I can.

The boxes are at Baton Rouge in Gray’s are. Overcoats we had sent to us here. — Albert

I am sorry you had to pay so much for the coats. I thought you would get the regular rubber coat and know they are not as expensive. Never mind. The next time I get paid I will make it up. Love to Grandpa, Grandma, and lots for our dear Mother and yourself. From Al