Albert J. Barnard, 5 March 1863

Headquarters 1st Brigade
Auger’s Division, Baton Rouge
March 5, 1863

Dear Mother,

I received your letter dated February 15th yesterday—also one dated the 17th which you sent in one to Gray. In one letter you say it is four weeks since my letter was received; so after this I will number my letters so you can tell when any are lost and I should like to have you and Lewie do the same. Direct to New Orleans, via New York as we think that they may go to Washington and thus be longer on the road.

I am much better. Am gaining strength every day. Capt. Wadsworth is a little under the weather and one of General Auger’s aides has taken him to his room at the hotel. Wadsworth gave me permission to use his horse while he is away and I take a short ride every day. I think by a week from next Monday I will be able to return to duty, but unless I feel perfectly well, I shall not do so, You must not worry about me at all for I am very careful and the Colonel will keep me here as long as he thinks it necessary. He says I can’t go back to the company till he says so.

I am glad you have seen Mrs. Sizer for Capt. Sizer and I are thrown together a great deal, being in the same mess and in the same division in line. He is a splendid fellow too.

I would not try to send a box by express for I might never get it and if it did reach me, the contents would most likely be spoiled. It take so long for anything of that kind to come. Much as I should like some of your nice Jumbles, I hardly think you had better send them.

I presume ere this Lewie has received letters from both Seymour and Dobbins as they both wrote him.

I am very glad to hear that Fred Conkling is safe and well. I feared he was lost. He will be quite a lion in Buffalo for a time.

I hope Julia Phelps has met Miss Hamlin before this for I know she will like her. But I hardly know what she they will do when they get together for they are both such talkers. Thank Julia for her sympathy and tell her it did me as much good as a number of doses ogf my whiskey and quinine would. I hope she will hold Lewie to his promise to call on the Miss Nortons. As him to give them my kind regards.

Last Sunday Will S. and I started for church but I found it too far for me so we had to come back.

Yesterday General Auger reviewed our brigade and complimented our regiment very highly—particularly the two first companies (Captains Barnard’s and Sizer’s). John D. had command of Co. G as Capt. Sizer was Officer of the Day. His First Lieutenant had just come off from picket and he has no Second Lieutenant.

I wrote Lewie day before yesterday a long letter. Hope he will receive it.

We are all anxiously looking for news from General Hooker’s army. I really hope he will meet with more success than the generals before him.

I have nothing more of interest to tell and this is the time I generally ride so I will close. Give my love to Grandma, Grandpam Aunt Julia, Julia Phelps, Mrs. Pratt, and Miss Mary. And accept much for yourself and Lewie from your affectionate son, — Albert