Charles C. Miller, 26 September 1864

Camp of the 140th Regt. N. Y. V.
Near Petersburg, Va. at Walden R. R.
September 26, 1864

Dear Sister,

Your very kind epistle of the 18th has been received & read with pleasure. I have been looking for a number of days past for a communication from home of you. By the perusal of yours, I find all were well at its departure & I am in hopes you & the rest may continue to have the same good health. As for myself, I am thankful to have the opportunity of visiting you & informing you I am in the same good health as heretofore mentioned & trust I may continue as I never was in better health than at the present time.

The weather today is very pleasant & in fact has been for some time past with the exception of a trifle of rain which occurred a day or two past.

I had received by [  ] letter a [  ] the intelligence of announcing the death of Mrs. Widdon Field which was indeed sorrowful to hear. She was one which was beloved by all who knew her as a kind, loving & affectionate mother toward her children. I sincerely hope [  ] will recover from his illness & be permitted to enjoy the happiness of this world once more.

I was glad to hear Warren and Wallace has commenced attending church & now let me give them one word of advice. The [  ] more attending whenever it is received [  ] & do not go to be seen for your [  ] as a great many do so when I was at home.

I was on picket in the enemy’s front the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. Everything was quiet with the exception of the usual picket firing which takes place early in the morning & sometimes in the evening. On the last day, some of the boys exchanged papers with the johnnies. I should of exchanged with them but pickets are prohibited to hold any conversation with the enemy. There were several deserters run in during today saying they were very destitute of food.

Very heavy cannonading has been going on for the past two days in Butler’s front. The report here is he has defeated the enemy and got between Richmond & Petersburg. I am in hope it is true. If it is so, we will hear from him by tomorrow night by dispatch  which will be read to every regiment and read to the troops.

I have some good news to tell you. [illegible but pertains to pay] …receive pay only from May 9th 1864 to August last which was 3 months and 2 days. I will forward 40 or 50 dollars home to you [   ] get to bill change which will help father a little [illegible.]

P. S. I attempted to close three times but was interrupted by drill call. We drill four times a day including a Battalion drill which takes place in the afternoon. I received those two papers sent me containing tea & dried fruit. Also one dollar. Excuse the briefness of this note.

— Charles

Do not wait for me to write as there are times when I cannot find time. — C.