Albert Brown, 9 June 1865

Camp 16th Me. Vols.
Near Arlington Heights, Va.
June 9th 1865

Dear Brother [Wilber F. Brown],

Your very acceptable letter of the 28th arrived safe to hand in due season and I now take this opportunity to answer it. I have not much news to write. We are still lying idle waiting for them to dispose of us as they see fit. There will probably be some change soon. John McGinley thinks that he is going home soon as there is an order to discharge all men who have ever been prisoners immediately and give them three months pay. After everyone else is discharged, they will probably let the conscripts and substitutes of ’63 go.

I got a letter from Aunt Nellie a few days ago. She says that she has written to Edwin & Frank a number of times but can’t get them to answer her letters and she thinks that they are put out with her for some reason or other. They must be more punctual in answering their letters or they will lose all of their correspondents.

What is the name of the factory you are at work in? Give me the directions so that I could find you if anything should happen that I should have a chance to call and see you. How far are you from Boston, Mass.? We will probably go to Boston on our way home.

I am having an easy time at present. Do not have anything to do. The 6th Corps arrived here last night. They went to Danville immediately after the surrender of Lee and have just got back. They have had a great deal marching to do than we had. I believe they are going to be reviewed in Washington on Monday.

I was sorry to hear that Frank was unwell. I hope that he is all right again by this time. Is Hick Mansur there with you now? Remember me to the boys and answer this as soon as convenient.

From your affectionate brother, — Albert C. Brown