Albert Brown, 27 February 1864

Camp Tilden, Winter Quarters of 15th Maine Infantry, March 1864

Camp Tilden, Va.
Saturday, February 27th 1864

Dear Aunt [Mary P. Brown],

I received your letter last evening and was very glad to hear from you. I have no news to write but I thought I would write a few lines in answer to your letter just to let you know that I am well and enjoying myself as well as possible.

I got a letter from Albion at the same time that I received yours. The folks were all well at home. They are having a very pleasant winter there as well as everywhere else. The weather continues to be very pleasant here—just cold enough to keep the ground froze most of the time so there is but little mud. We have to drill four hours per day now; the first we have drilled for the winter. But that only gives is an appetite for our meals. I am getting so that I like soldiering very well—much better than at first. But we have easier times now than when we move. We will be likely to see some pretty hard times in the next summer, if nothing happens unusual, and I am in hopes that what marching and fighting we do in the summer will amount to more than it has in times past.

It is getting late so I guess I will close for this time and maybe I shall have something more interesting to write next time. Give my love to all hands and accept a share yourself.

From your nephew, — Albert C. Brown