Albert Brown, 22 January 1864

Mitchell’s Station, Va.
January 22nd 1864

Dear Aunt [Mary Brown],

Your letter of the 16th arrived safe together with the papers and I was very glad to hear from you. I have sent money to you but once since I sent the 75 dollars and that you wrote me you had received. It was twenty-five dollars. It guess it was all right about the letter you speak of.

I had four pictures taken this forenoon. It is the first time I have had a chance to have them taken since I came out here. I am going to send two of them to you. I believe Hannah spoke for one. I am going to put them in different envelopes and mail at the same time the I do this letter.

I don’t know as I have any news to write. The weather here has been very pleasant for the last few days. There is no snow on the ground to speak of. We have had but one snowstorm to amount to anything this winter. It is very muddy under foot most of the time.

Our duty here is very hard at present. We are on picket or camp guard nearly two thirds of the time but we have got our house fixed up so that we can enjoy ourselves pretty well while in camp.

There is considerable talk of the war closing in the spring here as well as in Maine. For my part, I am willing to have it closed then or sooner if it can be. Our pickets bring Rebel deserters in with them nearly every time they come in and they talk as though the Rebs were getting heartily sick of the war.

I had a letter from Wilber a short time ago. The folks were all well at the time he wrote. He is at Uncle’s this winter working for his board and going to the Academy. Edwin and Frank are both keeping school. They get twenty dollars per month. I don’t know as I have anything more to write at this time—only that I am enjoying very good health.

Give my love to all the folks and accept a share yourself.

From your nephew, — Albert C. B.