Albert Brown, 12 February 1865

Headquarters 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 5th Army Corps
February 12th 1865

Dear Aunt [Mary P. Brown],

Your letter of the third arrived safe to hand a few evenings since and I was very glad to hear from you as usual. You need not feel so anxious about me this cold weather for I can assure you that I have everything that I want to make me comfortable.

I suppose you have seen by the papers that our Corps have been fighting again and a hard time they had of it too. They were gone nearly a week from camp and a great many of the men did not have their blankets or overcoats with them. They did not expect to be gone more than a day or two. I did not have to go with them. The first time they stopped in camp one night after they got back and the next morning started for Hatcher Run about six miles from here where we have got to go and put up winter quarters again.

Part of our headquarters have moved. I am stopping back to guard the camp until they can get all the baggage away. The General and a part of his staff are going to have their houses hauled, logs and all. Our regiment lost pretty heavily in the late battle. Seven or eight were wounded in our company but none killed.

I received the papers you sent and were very glad to get them. I do not need any money. I can get along as well without money as with it out here. If I had money I should spend it, and as long as I don’t have it, I can’t spend it so I guess you needn’t send any. My health continues to be very good. Give my love to all the folks and accept a good share yourself.

From your nephew, — Albert C. Brown