Albert Brown, 7 December 1863

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Pontoons near Kelly’s Ford, Va. (November 1863)

Camp of the 16th Maine Vols.
Near Kelly’s Ford, Va.
December 7th 1863

Dear Aunt [Mary],

I received your letter only a few moments ago and hasten to inform you that I am still alive and well. I see you have heard of our close proximity to the Rebs lately. We have certainly been pretty near them. For a few days, I was expecting to have to go into battle almost every moment but we fell back without going into any engagement.

We are now encamped on the south side of the Rappahannock near Kelly’s Ford. There is some prospect of our stopping here this winter. We are preparing our tents for that purpose. Four of us go into a tent together. We have got our tent logged up on the sides and ends and a good large fireplace in one end so that it is quite comfortable. We use the tent pieces for the top.

My health is good yet. The weather here has been very pleasant for the last few days although it has been a little cold by spells. We have had no snow yet to speak of and but very little rain.

It is most time for the mail to go out so I will bid you goodbye for this time. Write often as you can. I got a letter from home a day or two ago. the folks were all well. Give my love to all hands. From your nephew, — Albert

I wil enclose twenty-five dollars for Aunt Hannah to put with the other. Let me know when you write if it arrives safe and how Aunt has disposed of the other. We are paid off every two months.

— A. C. B.