Albert J. Barnard, 27 November 1862

Steamship Atlantic
November 27th 1862

Dear Mother,

Gray would like to have you see his Mother ad tell her that he has got the measles. He has been unwell for several days but able to be around till yesterday, The doctor told me this morning that he has them—very light—and is doing nicely. He has a very comfortable room and can have every and anything that he needs. Hast just as good care as he would at home. He is not so sick but that he could write himself but is afraid if he sits up he would catch cold. His Mother need not worry for if he is very sick, we will let her know. Gray says he will have someone write every day until he can do so himself.

The first case we had was about a week since. One of the 114th Regiment was taken sick and we sent him immediately to the hospital. Gray’s company is quartered with the 114th, therefore are the most exposed. The think he caught them while on duty in his company quarters. The men all have them very light. I have written thus far in Gray’s room and as it is rather dark, presume I have run off the lines several times.

Lewie left us yesterday afternoon after seeing most of the points of interest. I think he enjoyed his visit much and only regret that he could not stay longer. I was delighted to see him—it was so unexpected. I was writing you when I was informed that someone was outside who wanted to see me and started for the door when his “Hello Barnard!” told me who it was.

Thus far, when I was called to go ashore with my company, and so here I am in the Express Office to put a finishing touch to this—shall I call it a letter? The regiment has started for Hampton and I must follow soon.

I should like to dine with you today; wonder where you will be—at Grandma’s? We are to have a dinner aboard the ship at eight this evening.

John Dobbins is aboard the ship as he has a hard cold. There is some talk of our going into camp here and wait for orders to move. It will be decided today. A great many are sick from being so confined.

Please give my love to Grandpa, Grandma, and thank them for their kind notes and tell them that I will answer them as soon as I have time. Also Coz. Mary. I will answer her letter shortly. I don’t have much time to spare as Lewie can testify. I hope you won’t be much disappointed at receiving a short letter, dear Mother. I will try and write often to make up. Don’t let Mrs. Gray worry about Will for he really is not very sick. If he is, I will write.

Yours with heaps of love, — Albert