Charles C. Miller, 24 September 1862

Camp Chase
Arlington Heights
September 24, 1862

Dear Parents,

Having a few leisure moments, I take my pen in hand and will try to write a few lines to let you know that I am well and I hope you are the same. We are all engaged today in putting up tents. The first night we went into camp, we slept on the ground all night without any covering. But it was a very fine night. But tonight I think we will have a wet night.

We arrived in Washington on Monday night at 12 o’clock when we went to the barracks there and slept till morning. Then we marched to Camp Chase about 5½ miles from Washington where we will remain awhile. How long I don’t know. There are within five miles around us about one hundred and eighty thousand troops all well armed. Our regiment got their arms in Elmira—the best arms in the service. It would take me all day to write what I have seen. This is all I have to day now.

You need not write this time. — C. C. Miller