Charles C. Miller, 31 August 1864

Camp of the 140th Regt. N. Y. Vols.
Near Davis House on Weldon Railroad
August 31st 1864

Dear Sister,

Preparing to forward a few of my old letters home which I have received from different correspondents, I thought I would enclose a few lines informing you I am well & in the finest of spirits, hoping by the blessings of God this may find you all well & in good health.

The 5th Corps still hold the Weldon Railroad & intends to if possible. We have plenty of fatigue to do now as they are throwing up a large bastion fort which is 372 feet front. It will take at least two weeks before being complete [see sketch Charles enclosed below and see also Fort Wadsworth].

The regiment has just been mustered in for two months more pay but there is no signs of a pay master yet. Everything is quiet in our front with the exceptions of the pickets. They exchange shots on either side. The firing has been more rapid than at any time for the past few days. We have anticipated an attack for several nights past & in fact we do not know what moment we may have to fall into our works.

I will write no more this time as I have several letters to reply to. I will write as soon as it becomes more convenient. Please do me a favor by writing as often as you can.

For the present, adieu. Accept from your loving brother, — C. C. Miller