Albert Brown, 16 November 1864

Fort Wadsworth
November 16th 1864

Dear Aunt,

I received your letter this morning and was very glad to hear from you and as you take pains to answer my letters in good season, I will try and do the same by you although I don’t get much news to write. I am getting along after the same old sort. We are still in the same old place and I think there is a prospect now of our stopping here for the winter as we have had orders to put up winter quarters. I guess that they have come to the conclusion that they can’t fight much more this fall and as far as I am concerned it will suit me well enough. I am going to. try for a furlough after we get settled down in our winter quarters. Our Captain will be back by the twenty-fifth of this month and I shall get him to assist me about getting one. I think he will be willing to do what he can for me.

I got a letter from Frank a few days ago. He writes very encouragingly of his situation there. Says he likes better and better the longer he is there. His wages amount to about thirty-two dollars per month exclusive of board. That is little better pay than I am getting, hasn’t it? Well there is one consolation, I don’t always expect to soldier for a living.

The weather here is beginning to feel a little winterish although we have had no snow yet to speak of. I suppose there is good sleighing in Maine now. That is something that the natives of Virginia don’t know much about.

I believe I have nothing more to write this time excepting that my health continues to her very good. Give my love to all hands and accept a good share yourself. From your nephew, — Albert C. Brown